Что почитать? 5 книг об искусстве для изучающих английский язык

Известно, что чтение - отличный способ расширить словарный запас, а чтение интересных книг - отличный способ приятно провести время. Мы предлагаем совместить приятное с полезным: расширить свой запас английских слов и при этом многое узнать о мире искусства, прочитав книги из нашей новой подборки. 

101 things to learn in Art School 

Kit White 

101 Things to Learn in Art School offers advice about the issues artists confront across all artistic media, but this is no simple handbook to making art. It is a guide to understanding art as a description of the world we live in, and it is a guide to using art as a medium for thought. And so this book belongs on the reading list of art students, art teachers, and artists, but it also belongs in the library of everyone who cares about art as a way of understanding life.


The Tate Guide to Modern Art Terms

Simon Wilson and Jessica Lack  

Until now there has been no single volume devoted to the key terms involved in the appreciation of modern art. From Abject Art to Zero, from Black Mountain College to the Worpswede Group, and with hundreds of topics in between, this book fills the need for a comprehensive, authoritative and up-to-date guide to the subject.Perfect for college student and museum visitor alike, the volume draws upon the expertise of the most visited gallery of modern art in the world. Every term, whether theme, movement, medium or practice, is defined with clarity and precision, and the entries are complemented by over a hundred illustrations.International in scope, and covering the entire breadth of modern art from Impressionism to today, this will be the perfect companion for anyone with an interest in modern art and an essential resource for every student of art history.


Playing to the Gallery  

Grayson Perry 

'It's easy to feel insecure around art and its appreciation, as though we cannot enjoy certain artworks if we don't have a lot of academic and historical knowledge. But if there's one message that I want you to take away it's that anybody can enjoy art and anybody can have a life in the arts - even me! For even I, an Essex transvestite potter, have been let in by the artworld mafia.'

Now Grayson Perry is a fully paid-up member of the art establishment, he wants to show that any of us can appreciate art (after all, there is a reason he's called this book 'Playing to the Gallery' and not'Sucking up to an Academic Elite'.) Based on his hugely popular Reith Lectures and full of words and pictures, this funny, personal journey through the art world answers the basic questions that might occur to us in an art gallery but seem too embarrassing to ask. Questions such as: What is 'good' or 'bad' art - and does it even matter? Is there any way to test if something is art, other than a large group of people standing around looking at it? Is art still capable of shocking us or have we seen it all before? Can you be a 'lovable character' and a serious artist - what is a serious artist anyway? And what happens if you place a piece of art in a rubbish dump?


Seven days in the Art World 

Sarah Thornton 

In a series of beautifully paced narratives, Sarah Thornton investigates the drama of a Christie's auction, the workings in Takashi Murakami's studios, the elite at the Basel Art Fair, the eccentricities of Artforum magazine, the competition behind an important art prize, life in a notorious art-school seminar, and the wonderland of the Venice Biennale. She reveals the new dynamics of creativity, taste, status, money, and the search for meaning in life. A judicious and juicy account of the institutions that have the power to shape art history, based on hundreds of interviews with high-profile players, Thornton's entertaining ethnography will change the way you look at contemporary culture.


Lucky Kunst: The Rise and Fall of Young British Art

Gregor Muir 

These days artists like Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin and the Chapman brothers are not only big business but also, quite simply, celebrities. But they rose from obscurity back in the eighties and nineties in a then-semi-derelict part of east London by visiting upon the art world a set of artworks as outlandish and attention-seeking (not to mention scatological) as their general behaviour. This is the first account of how YBA (Young British Artists) came about, by the group’s only ‘embedded journalist’: an outrageously comic tale of White Cube openings, fights in pubs, vomiting into fountains and, eventually, the breakthrough exhibition Sensation. Throughout, Gregor Muir was there…


Маруся Гуляева